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Logical progression
February 24, 2012, 8:09 pm
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Megasoid shit
August 12, 2008, 11:04 am
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“We sincerely want a return to ‘real’ music in the club. PA music. Soundsystem Music. Bass Music. Anything other than the same 30 songs sampling the same 25. We want new shit. We want people to have a conversation with it. We want fly shit. Hype shit. Dope shit. Tough Shit. We will book and support ANYTHING that rides with that idea if it is good. Get at us if you are on that level. Really. Music is incredibly exciting for us right now. We want to share it with people.” Megasoid

Megasoid – Speed Knots (megaupload)

the beat assassinated
June 13, 2008, 10:41 am
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Petit cadeau de la part du Soul Assassins Crew, label et organisation ès breaks & west coast hip hop dirigé par l’éminent DJ Muggs, avec ce party mix de DJ Solo, mêlant BMore, crunk shit, et electro.

DJ Solo – Shut Up & Dance Mix (direct download)

February 21, 2008, 11:41 am
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ghetto blast 95
February 14, 2008, 2:03 am
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01. Real Live “Real Shit”
02. Smooth Da Hustler “Broken Language” feat. Trigger The Gambler
03. Luniz “I Got 5 On It”
04. Mic Geronimo “Masta I.C.”
05. Q-Ball & Curt Cazal “My Kinda Moves”
06. J-Live “Braggin’ Writes”
07. The Nonce “Bus Stop”
08. B.U.M.S. “Elevation (Free My Mind)”
09. Smif N Wessin “Sound Bwoy Bureill”
10. The Click “Hot Ones Through The Ghetto”
11. Kool G Rap “Take “Em To War feat. MF Grimm”
12. Lord Finesse “No Gimmicks” Brainstorm Remix feat. O.C.
13. Mobb Deep “Temperature’s Rising”
14. Mobb Deep “Temperature’s Rising” (The Abstract Remix)
15. Das EFX “Microphone Master” (DJ Spinna Remix)
16. Junior M.A.F.I.A. “Players Anthem”
17. Blahzay Blahzay “Danger (When The East Is In The House)”
18. Mad Skillz “Skillz In ‘95”
19. Organized Konfusion “You Won’t Go Far” feat. O.C.
20. Ten Thieves “It Don’t Matter”
21. Black Moon “Headz Ain’t Ready” (Remix feat. Smif N Wessin)”
22. Ahmad “Come Widdie feat. Ras Kass & Saffir”
23. Jay-Z “Can’t Get Wit That”
24. The Roots “Silent Treatment” (Kelo’s Remix)
25. Ill Al Scratch “Don’t Shut Down On A Player”
26. Lost Boys “Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz”
27. GZA “4th Chamber”
28. GZA “Liquid Swords”
29. Big L “Put It On”
30. Artifacts “Dynamite Soul (Lip Service Remix feat. Mad Skillz)”
31. KRS One “MCs Act Like They Don’t Know”
32. Group Home “Up Against The Wall (Low Budget Mix)”
33. Group Home “The Realness”
34. Roxanne Shante “Queen Pin”
35. AZ “Sugar Hill” (Remix)
36. Showbiz & A.G. “U Know Now” (Buckwild Remix)
37. Da Youngsta’z “I’ll Make You Famous”
38. Ruggedness Madd Drama “Make U Go Crazy”
39. World Renoun “Come Take A Ride”
40. Notorious B.I.G. “One More Chance” (Stay With Me Remix)
41. Notorious B.I.G. “One More Chance” (Hip-Hop Remix)
42. Common “Resurrection” (Large Professor Remix)
43. Common Ressuerction” (Extra P Remix)
44. D&D All-Stars “1, 2 Pass It”
45. Shabazz The Disciple “Death Be The Penalty”
46. Raekwon The Chef “Ice Cream”
47. Method Man “I’ll Be There For You / You’re All I Need To Get By feat. Mary J. Blige” (Razor Sharp Remix)
48. Bahamadia “Uknowhowwedo”
49. Junior M.A.F.I.A. “Get Money” (Remix)
50. Junior M.A.F.I.A. “Get Money”
51. Notorious B.I.G. “Who Shot You?”
52. 2Pac “Me Against The World”
53. Young D Boyz “Keep On Poppin’ The Dope Track”
54. Broadway “Must Stay Paid”
55. Lost Boyz “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Shameless”
56. Outkast “Benz Or Beamer”
57. Da Bush Babees “Remember We” (Salaam Remi Remix)
58. GZA “Shadowboxing” feat. Method Man Redman & Method Man “How High”
59. Das EFX “Real Hip-Hop”
60. Fat Joe “Shit Is Real” (DJ Premier Remix)
61. Crooklyn Dodgers ‘95 “Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers”
62. Big Noyd “Recognize & Realize”
63. Mobb Deep “Give Up The Goods (Just Step)”
64. Keith Murray “I Get Lifted”
65. Sadat X & Akinyele “Loud Hangover”
66. Ol Dirty Bastard “Brooklyn Zoo”
67. Mad Skillz “The Nod Factor”
68. Grand Puba “I Like It (I Wanna Be Where You Are)”
69. LL Cool J “Doin’ It”
70. Pharcyde “Runnin’
71. The Dove Shack “Summertime In The LBC”
72. The Alkaholiks “Daaam!” (Buckwild Remix)
73. Jurassic 5 “Unified Rebellion”
74. Funkmaster Flex “Nuthin’ But Flava” feat. Charlie Brown, Ol Dirty Bastard & Biz Markie
75. Lords Of The Underground “What I’m After” (Sir Charles Mix)
76. Ol Dirty Bastard “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” Rakim “Last Resort”
77. Mobb Deep “Shook Ones Pt. 2”
78. E-40 “Sideways” feat. B-Legit
79. Tha Alkaholiks “The Next Level”
80. Nine “Whucha Want?”
81. Rude Riddim Experiment “Everybody Bounce”
82. Doug E. Fresh “Where The Party At?”
83. Bone Thugs N Harmony “First of The Month”
84. TRU “Bout It, Bout It”
85. Three 6 Mafia “Tear The Club Up”

Download The History of Hip-Hop v17: 1995

I know you got soul
December 19, 2007, 1:51 am
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Le trip hop n’est qu’un terme plus joli pour qualifier le hip hop affirmait Tricky en plein âge d’or du genre au milieu des années 90. Bien que cette étiquette soit devenue un gigantesque fourre-tout où s’accumulent les artistes ès breakbeat inclassables, je trouve aujourd’hui que ce style batârd regagne une certaine noblesse, un sens suprême, lorsque j’écoute l’album des Dinner at the Thompsons. La voix sublime de Lucille la californienne posée sur les beats rugueux et raw du prodigieux beatmaker parisien Fablive rappelle la puissance des premiers Portishead, la dépression en moins et le funk – le vrai – en plus. Eargasm guaranted.

Dinner at the Thompsons – Short & Sweet (zShare)

December 14, 2007, 1:21 am
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Klever est un bourreau de travail. Un DJ / producer qui pond du killer clubbin’ track en rafale, tourne aux quatres coins de la planète distiller ses mixes de ouf, et fait bouncer les boules les plus indomptables. Mais Klever est aussi généreux. Ce grand seigneur de Georgie (US) sait lâcher du track et du mixe pour toi, bitch. Enjoy.

Klever – Trafic tradeshow mixtape (zShare)

TBC in Paris 30.01.2008 w/ Kazey